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Things you wish you knew before getting into music and song writing...

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

I wish I would've known a few things going into this crazy, wonderful life of music.

At first, it was show up with your mic. Then it was show up with your mic and guitar. Next was adding pen and paper. I wish I would've known it would distract me.

It's all very time consuming. A 3 hour gig is really a 5 hour commitment (when you live where I live). It's 5 hours away from my family and a LOT of driving. I wish I would've known it would be taxing.

It's hearing a rhyme in your head or having a dream and rushing to write it down. It's singing a melody into your phone so you don't forget before you sit down at the piano and flesh it out. I wish I would've known it was frantic.

But what I really wish I had known before was how wonderful it would be. Singing, playing, writing, sharing, smiling, laughing, all of it. Because if I had known all this, I would have started a long time ago.


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