• Chaz Mechenbier

Tone Soup

I love the idea that while learning to play or sing is a highly individual thing, when it's time to "perform", it takes others' ears to hear the music. And if we're lucky, some of those others are making music, right alongside ours. Musical collaboration is a culture with it's own language, dialect and nuance. Unless you're playing at home for your own enjoyment (nothing wrong with that!) it's natural to want your music to be stirred into the pot with another singer, musician, or even a dancer.

Sometimes the collaboration of musicians and singers is a giant structure in the form of an orchestra or choir. Many voices, creating that beautiful thing that the rest of humanity strives to recreate in everyday life: Harmony. Other times, the group of musicians is much smaller. The gathering of 3, 4 or 5 musicians as a band has been going on for ages. Here's where the real fun is. Playing with (and off of) one another, each bringing their own flavor to the recipe. Who's your favorite band? I'll bet you've been in that conversation hundreds of times, and it's always fun to think of the overall sound of the group as a sum of its individual players.

In a duo setting, I think that music can really be created and presented in a unique and special way. Songs are performed in a way that calls attention to the rhythm; harmonies can be simple or more complex, and a third part might even be implied rather than sung. In our case, singing with finesse and, at the same time, keeping things loose and lively is what makes us "come to work" every day. I love the musical collaborations that we experience on an almost daily basis. There's nothing more fun than striking a familiar chord with familiar friends, and sharing it all with familiar faces. Here's to collaboration!

Alright, enough of the dreamy stuff. Next time, we'll share some of the awesome experience of putting together our first album, complete with studio details and the nerve wracking excitement of renting an auditorium.

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