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Heatwave: The Music of Linda Rondstat

The music of Linda Ronstadt has been ringing in the ears of music fans for over 6 decades.  This group of fantastic musicians are bringing it to you LIVE on the stage!

It is all about the harmony.

Upcoming Shows
May 24 McConnell  Art Center
June 18 Celina Oh
July 21 St. Henry Oh

The voices behind the music.

Tammy Walkup

Nicki Jo Baker

and Stephanie Doyle

Click here to watch hightlights


This show covers Linda's songs starting with The Stone Poneys, all through her greatest hits.


Driven by the band.

This All Star band was hand picked by leader, Chaz Mechenbier, to bring this show the professional level it deserves. Each musician brings their own expertise, playing multiple intruments in the show.


Band Members include:

Jeff Arszman

Dave McMahon

Chaz Mechenbier

and Jan Roll

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